Plycraft History

"Mahone Bay Plycraft Company Ltd (MBPC) " was a subsidiary of Industrial Shipping Company Ltd and.the predecessor of "Paceship Yachts Ltd" MBPC manufactured hulls for many "finishers" (those who took the unfinished hulls and fitted them into a multitude of models marketed under their own name. Indeed, MBPC marketed their own line of boats under the name "Paceships" or Paceship" (sometimes with an "s" at the end but neither should not to be confused with the later marketed and built "Paceship Yacht Ltd." boats.)

Below is a history garnered mainly from information submitted by Michael Mason of Nova Scotia. 

The company was founded after the WWII probably sometime around 1947.  Brigadier Roy, a former RCAF officer,  transferred the technology used to build Mosquito fighter/bomber planes to boat building. He came to Mahone Bay to make use of the generations of accrued knowledge in shipbuilding that resided in the area. It is rumored that Brigadier Roy founded the company and if so created the Mahone Plycraft marquee around 1948/49. He built the moulds for the 12-ft, 15-ft, 18-ft, and 22-ft hulls, all of which were modified and generally tinkered with over the subsequent years.  

Around 1953 the plant suffered a catastrophic fire that wiped out most of the plant. Exploding barrels of volatile glue launched firebombs that set fires all over the town and kept the local fire department preoccupied from saving much of the plant.

The plant was rebuilt, but switched the main focus of the operation to producing boats in that new-fangled stuff called fiberglass. They continued to build the Mahone Plycraft boats using the moulds that had not been in the main plant, but stored in the unburned warehouse. The firm was acquired by Industrial Shipping Company in the late 50's or early 60's and continued to build the Mahone Plycraft boats but also began introducing a line of fiberglass yachts through a company created to market them called Paceship Yachts Ltd. The company was acquired in 1965 by Atlantic Bridge Company Limited of Nova Scotia at which time the name of the entire firm was changed to Paceship Yachts Limited. 


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