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Purchase the New Paceship Captain's Edition Hat!
(for Shipment in the both USA and Canada) 

We are proud to offer these great custom made Paceship hats!
The quality of the artwork and custom embroidery is spectacular and certainly represents the quality of all Paceships very well!
One size fits all and these hats adjust pretty nicely all the way down to "kid size" and all the way up (and beyond) "Jay size" who's wife accuses of being a real "fat head" (don't believe it - he is only a 7 3/4!) for $19.95 US plus shipping and handling. Delivery generally takes 2-3 weeks.
See below for Order options:

Credit Card Orders

The price of hats is $19.95 USD plus shipping and packaging (Priority mail is $9.00 for US shipments and $22.95 USD for Canadian shipments).  For shipment outside of Canada and the USA please contact us. Purchases may be made via credit card through our PayPal account. See below for details and to make your purchase.

We have a limited quantity of these hats so if you are interested act quickly. Hats will be shipped on a first come first serve basis by email time and date.

The hat proceeds goes to support this free site and your contributions made via hat purchaces are very much appreciated!

Regards to all!

Jay Moran

Shipping to USA ONLY
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Shipping to CANADA ONLY
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Order Via Check or Money order

Please just fill out and follow the instructions on this order form!


If you have any questions regarding the hats or ordering or related issues just drop us a line !!

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